Your Questions Are Answered About Renting A Storage Unit


Are you suddenly left with two unoccupied rooms in your homes because a couple of your kids have moved into college dorms? If you have decided to renovate the unoccupied bedrooms into spaces for guests as a way to make some extra income, you do not have to get rid of anything that is sentimental. For example, if you want to place new beds in the rooms, you can keep your children's beds and place them inside a storage unit.

8 May 2023

Storage Solutions: 3 Things To Store And 1 Not To


Do you need storage solutions for your home's overflow? Are you only sort of sure about what you should put into a storage unit? If this is your first rental, take a look at what you can (and can't) store.  You Can Store Furniture Sofas, armchairs, dining room tables, and bed frames are big, bulky, and heavy. Even though these are oversized items, most pieces of furniture will fit easily into a self-storage unit.

16 January 2023