Need To Put Your Bike In Storage For Winter? 4 Tips For A Smooth Experience


While riding your bicycle is possible during most of the year, it may not be an option during the winter due to snow and harsh road conditions. If you have made the decision to put your bike away during the winter, it becomes important to look into what to do to prepare the bike for storage.

If you're unsure of what to look for, consider the following tips that can help you find a good match to protect your bike during the winter season.

Stick with Climate Control

As you began to assess storage facilities, you'll notice that some offer climate control, even in their smaller units. This is a must-have when storing your bike, especially when it's an expensive model. While you may be used to taking your bike outdoors and exposing it to the elements, it's important that your bike doesn't become overheated or kept too cold since it can lead to the bike being damaged by the time you pull it out of storage again.

Clean the Bike Off Thoroughly

Before placing a bike in storage, it's vital that you take care of cleaning it thoroughly and drying it. Water spots and other wear can quickly show up on a bike after being placed into storage for long period of time, making it vital for you to take care of cleaning the bike before it goes into storage.

Taking photos of your bike before placing it into storage can also be a good idea since it can ensure that you're aware of what kind of condition it's in before being left at the storage facility.

Get Insurance to Protect Your Bike

Even with a reputable storage facility, there's always the chance that your bike could get damaged or even stolen. A good way to prevent this from occurring is to get insurance that will protect the value of your bike. While some storage facilities offer insurance for their customers, you need to make sure that this is available for you. Having the insurance cover the full value of your bike can help protect you if you need to replace your bike because of an issue with storage.

Look Into Discounts for Bike Storage

Due to the compact nature of a bicycle, you may be able to save a lot of money when storing your bike during the winter. Mini storage facilities often have winter discounts for those storing their bike during the winter since the customers won't be needing to access the unit throughout the season and need only minimum space. Inquiring about these discounts can help ensure that you're able to save as much money as possible.

Being patient as you look into storage facilities available can ensure that you're able to put your bike into storage without the concern that it will be in poor condition when you retrieve it again in spring. Visit a site like for more help.


16 October 2017

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