Three Tips For Putting An Air Conditioner In Storage


People with window air conditioners wonder if they should put their units in storage for the winter. The answer is yes. Not only can winter weather damage your unit, but your energy bills may increase more than normal because of warm air escaping through the window opening. Here are a few tips for preparing and putting your AC unit in storage so it's ready for use when summer rolls around again.

Thoroughly Clean the Unit

As with any other storage project, the first step is to thoroughly clean item you want to put away. Dirt and debris can do a lot of damage to your air conditioner's sensitive electrical components, so you want to get rid of as much of as possible. Don't just clean the exterior, though. Open up the machine and get the coils, drain pain, and as many other internal parts you can reach. You may need to use compressed air to blow away dust and dirt in places that aren't as accessible.

Additionally, take this time to make minor repairs and perform any necessary maintenance. For instance, be sure to clean or change the filter. The more you do now the less you have to worry about when it comes time to set the machine up for use when it starts getting hot again.

Pack Securely in a Box

To protect your air conditioner, put it in its original packaging. The box and packing materials that came with it are designed to ensure the air conditioner sits snugly inside, which can help prevent damage from moving the box around. If you don't have the original packaging, wrap the air conditioner in a plastic bag, put it in a box that's around the same size, and pad the interior with newspaper or packing peanuts.

The plastic will stop dirt, dust, and most pests from getting into the appliance while it's in storage, while the packing peanuts will cushion the machine from impact damage. Be sure to put a few desiccants inside the plastic bag to absorb any excess moisture that may form inside. Sometimes condensation will form in humid days or when there is a significant difference in temperature inside and outside the bag. The desiccants will prevent this moisture from hanging around too long and damaging your AC (e.g. rust).

Store in the Right Position

When placing the air conditioner in storage, make sure you put it in an upright position. You may not realize it, but your air conditioner contains quite a bit of fluid in its parts (e.g. oil, Freon, water). Placing the machine one its side or back will cause the fluids to spill or settle in an uneven fashion that may damage the parts or, at the very least, cause a big mess you'll have to clean up when you remove the AC from storage. Additionally, placing the air conditioner in an unnatural position may damage the compressor, which can cost up to $1,800 to replace.

To keep pests away from your air conditioner, place the appliance on a shelf at least a foot off the floor, and make sure the edges are tapped shut. In addition to making it harder for crawling insects to access the box, you'll reduce the risk of your air conditioner being damaged by water if the area where you are storing it floods.

Lastly, place the unit in an area where the temperature remains fairly stable most of the time. Wild swings in temperature can cause the plastics on the air conditioner to expand and contract, which may lead to cracks in the housing. If you're putting the machine in a storage facility, opt for a temperature controlled unit, which will minimize this issue.

To learn more about storing an air conditioner or to rent a storage unit for your belongings, contact a storage facility.


26 October 2017

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