Self Storage Features That Matter For Your Belongings


It can be difficult to figure out which features are relevant. Some people have an inherent desire to put maximum security on even the most basic, undesirable items such as bags of old clothing or old paperwork with no relevant personal information, while others may put their valuable jewelry and electronics in a basic shed because they trust a fence to keep thieves away. Here are a few features that matter when selecting a self storage facility, along with ways to measure their effectiveness.

Security Features And Awareness Levels

Protecting your goods can be as simple as giving you somewhere to put a lock or providing a security guard service. There is usually a price difference between different levels of security, and if you notice that difference in your area, it's up to you to figure out how much security matters.

Most of your decision will come from how much you care about your belongings versus how bad the local crime is in your opinion. It's not so much about whether the city as a whole has crime and more about how often the local area has shady figures snooping around the storage area. 

You should be able to ask other customers or locals about how concerned they are for their belongings. Local reviews or asking police about reported theft can give you information as well.

If you're putting away old clothing, old furniture, or other inexpensive belongings that you don't want to throw away, a basic padlock and key or combination lock will be fine. The only time these simple locks become a problem is when you're dealing with truly hard times where even a few dollars from old clothes would help, or if there is a compulsive thief in the area.

The reasoning is that for most career criminals, the risk of incarceration or making the storage facility increase security isn't worth it if the goods aren't expensive.

If your belongings can fetch hundreds or thousands of dollars, don't even risk dealing with storage sheds and personal locks. Go to an indoor storage facility with reinforced doors and security cameras at the very least.

Air Quality Control

If you're storing sensitive clothing that can stain from air pollution, or putting away electronics that become a pain to clean once dust builds up inside, air quality matters. You'll need something to filter out dust at the very least, then humidity and specific pollution.

The most basic level of air quality control is an air conditioning unit, which is becoming more standard (but not mandatory) in storage facilities across the country. Air conditioning units have filters that need to be checked based on the filter's recommendations, but at least monthly.

The filter type determines the kind of air contaminants that can be filtered out. It's not always a scale of worst protection to best; many filters handle specific contaminants, such as grabbing pollen, animal hair, automobile pollution, or even larger airborne germs.

Storage facilities usually go for basic air control pollution. Unless you know that local pollution is staining your belongings, there is little need to go above an automobile pollution filter. HEPA (high efficiency particulate air), while popular, is not efficient for businesses and can cause more problems than it solves due to wear and tear on air conditioning units with non-specific filtration.

Contact a storage facility like All American Mini Storage to discuss available protection for your belongings, and to schedule a tour.


30 October 2017

Acquring A Storage Unit For Your Belongings

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