Four Benefits Of Renting An Indoor Boat Storage Facility


If you've on a budget, you may assume storing your boat in your own backyard is the best option. But in fact, paying a few dollars a month for indoor boat storage is usually worthwhile. Here are a couple of advantages of storing your boat inside instead of in your yard or driveway.

You won't damage your property.

Parking your boat on your lawn for a short period of time may not do any serious damage, but leaving it there all winter long sure can. Boats are heavy, and when the ground gets a little moist and soggy, which is bound to happen at some point during the winter, the boat will sink in and cause a permanent divot in your yard. Repairing this divot won't be easy, and you may need to hire a professional landscaping team. If you park your boat in the driveway, it may similarly cause your asphalt to crack. And asphalt cracks that appear in the winter can expand quickly as water gathers inside them and freezes.

Your boat will be protected from vandalism.

Even if you live in a good neighborhood, leaving your boat outside means it will be accessible to others. Especially if you leave for a weekend or go on vacation for a while, others could damage or vandalize the boat. This won't be an issue with the boat in a storage unit, since these facilities often offer meticulous security to keep vandals at bay.

Your boat will suffer less wear and tear.

Even if your boat is covered, it will come into some contact with the snow, rain, and wind when you store it outside. Over time, this damage can add up and lead to the need for premature repairs. Pay to keep your boat in storage, and you will save on repairs in the long-term since it will be protected from the elements. You'll also have to spend a lot less time cleaning it in the spring!

Your can access the boat as needed.

If you realize you need something out of your boat in the middle of the winter, and your boat is stored in your yard, you'll have a hard time retrieving that item from the tarp-covered boat. When the boat is stored indoor, you can access it without getting wet and cold. 

To learn more about the benefits of boat storage, talk to a boat storage facility manager in your area, such as at Safegard Self Storage.


7 November 2017

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