5 Storage Unit Safety Tips To Keep You And Your Stuff Healthy And Happy


When most people think about storing belongings in a storage unit, they generally think about how to get the most stuff in the least amount of space. But it's also important to think about your own safety and how to protect those belongings. To help you make the best—and safest—use of your storage unit, here are 5 safety tips. 

Use Solid Bins. Used boxes are easy and cheap, but they may not hold up over time. They may also become inherently dangerous as you stack them higher. A smart investment may be to purchase more durable bins (clear for ease of access) with solid lids and to label them well. You'll likely also find this can help you get more items in the unit with less struggle. 

Box up Irregular Items. Resist the urge to leave bulky, irregular items outside bins. They are much more protected inside other packing materials than if they are left out in the dust and subject to possible pest infestation. And things with sharp corners or uneven edges could also easily cut you when you're moving around in the storage unit. Get some larger bins for unusual items or at least wrap them heavily in blankets and towels. 

Use Climate Control. Unventilated storage units can get swelteringly hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. That's not good for sensitive belongings, and it could be downright unsafe for humans working hard inside the unit. Using climate controlled storage keeps things much more manageable, especially if you need to frequently access the area. 

Leave Work Space. If you think you'll need to get things in and out during storage, make sure you leave some room to comfortably work. Trying to dig through boxes while standing in the middle of stacks or working around tight spaces will make the process much harder and much less safe than it should be. Create a box-free work zone near the door or in the center of the unit where it's easily accessed. 

Be Careful What You Pack. Avoid packing anything that's inherently volatile or unsafe. This could include common household cleaners, paint, fertilizers, corrosives, fuel, propane tanks, and oils. It's probably a good idea to empty all liquids, if possible, and avoid packing any perishable items. And ensure that tools are all properly disconnected from batteries and stored safely inside containers. 

By paying attention to safety when packing up your storage unit, you can help create a safe and healthy environment for your stuff and for your family. For more safety tips and information, contact a local storage facility, such as North Star Mini Storage.


29 November 2017

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