A Metal Carport Could Be A Good Alternative To Building A New Garage


If you wish your home had a garage for protecting your vehicles, but you don't want the expense of building one, a solution to consider is a metal carport. These come in different sizes and go up fast. They offer shade and protection from rain for all your vehicles, and they have an appealing appearance when placed by your house. Here's why a metal carport is worth considering.

The Frames Come In All Sizes

You can order just the right size for your vehicles. This helps you control your budget too. You may want a small frame for the family car, but you can also buy a longer and taller frame for parking an RV, truck, or camper. A metal carport can even be used as an outdoor seating area for sheltered picnics or as a shady place to work on lawn equipment or your hobbies. A shady carport offers protection from the sun and rain, but it allows plenty of air circulation on the sides, so you'll find plenty of uses for the carport, and you can buy the best size accordingly.

Metal Is A Durable Building Material

Metal carports are made of steel or aluminum. Aluminum doesn't rust, and the steel is treated to prevent rusting, so the carport lasts a long time. Metal isn't damaged by rain or UV rays, so it looks nice for years. A metal carport is easy to maintain with occasional washing if it needs it. Metal is a quality roofing material that withstands strong wind and pest damage, and it's a good choice in building materials for a carport since it doesn't rot as wood does.

You Could Install A Metal Carport Yourself

You can have your carport assembled by professionals, which you may want to do if you want a warranty on the construction, or you can install it yourself with the help of some friends. You can probably install an average size carport in a single day if the concrete pad is ready to go. The legs of the metal carport can be anchored to the ground or to a concrete pad.

A concrete pad makes better flooring for parking your car, but you can leave the bottom natural with dirt or grass, or you can put gravel under the carport. Metal carport frames are sold in kits that include the roof and leg pieces. Roofing may be supplied, or you might need to buy metal panels for the roof separately. If you have experience in home repairs and DIY projects, you might be able to assemble the kit and put up the carport by yourself, which saves money on the final cost.

You can set your carport behind your home for ease of parking lawn equipment and cars, or you can position it near the side of your house where you can quickly get in the door when it's raining. A carport is an excellent alternative to a garage. You can choose different roof styles, so the carport looks attractive while protecting your cars.

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4 March 2018

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