Building A Custom Home? 3 Benefits Of Using Self-Storage


The building process can be a bit overwhelming. Not only will you need to choose a floor plan and different amenities, but you also need to be incredibly patient and understanding. Thankfully, renting a storage unit can be beneficial during the selling of your current home and construction of your custom home. Here are a few benefits of having a self-storage unit during the building process.

Storage Space to Help with Staging

In most cases, you currently own a home, but need to sell your home before closing on your custom house. Selling your home is not easy, especially if your home is not clean and staged. However, selling your home during the construction of your new home is even more stressful.

A self-storage unit gives you the space you need to move belongings out of your current home in an attempt to make it look larger, which will appeal to more buyers. Transport large, unnecessary pieces of furniture out of your current home and place in storage until you are ready to move into your new custom home.

A storage unit also gives you space that will be needed to store boxes and bags of your belongings. This allows you to clear out closets, cabinets, and personal belongings for staging purposes, giving potential buyers a better idea of how their items will look in the home.

More Efficient Moving Experience

Once you sell your home, you will need to move out on a closing date agreed upon by you and your buyer. In some instances, you can negotiate a later closing date, allowing you to remain in the home closer to the date you will be closing on the custom home.

Unfortunately, this does not always work out in your favor, since it can take 6 months to build a custom home. If there are financial, weather, or permit delays, you can expect an even longer process.

Most people will move into a family member's home after selling their current home. You also have the option of renting an apartment, house, or hotel during the construction of your custom home.

Wherever you go, you will not be able to move a large amount of furniture and personal belongings into your temporary housing or rental. Fortunately, a storage unit allows you to clear everything out of your current home once you have closed, placing it into storage until it is time to move into your new custom home.

Storing Items for your New Home

Since you will have a good amount of time from when you sign the construction contract to the closing day when you can move in, you will most likely find items you want for your new house while shopping.

Bringing furniture, wall art, bathroom accessories, bedding, and even appliances into your temporary housing or rental is not ideal because you probably lack the space. These new items can be stored in your self-storage unit and moved into your new house once it is complete.


9 August 2018

Acquring A Storage Unit For Your Belongings

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