Safely Store Your Electronic Devices In A Storage Unit


If you are going to be putting your electronics in a storage unit, then you want to make sure you store them correctly. There are some things that you should do to keep the electronics safe both during transport to and from the storage unit, as well as while they are being stored in the unit. Here are some tips that you are going to want to make sure you follow.

Remove all removable cords

You want to remove all removable cords from the electronics before packing them. Otherwise, the port can be damaged during the moving process. Also, to ensure you keep the right cords with the right electronics, you can wrap the cords up, put them in a plastic baggie and tape the baggie to the back of the device. You can also use a permanent marker to write which device the cords go with on the outside of the baggie.

Pack electronics properly

If you have kept the original packaging for your electronics, then this is the best way to store them. Not only will you be able to find them faster when in storage, but they will also be properly packaged and well-protected. Make sure you fit everything back just how it came when you first opened it.

If you don't have the original packaging for some of your electronics, then you want to find a properly sized box you can fit the electronic device in, as well as enough packaging material to protect the item. The packaging material can include bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Don't pack two electronic devices in the same box, or you will increase the chances of them bouncing around and causing damage to one another when the items are in transit to or from the storage unit.

Remove certain parts before packing

Before you pack up your electronics, you are going to want to remove any DVDs, CDs, ink cartridges, or other items of this sort. Otherwise, those items can end up being damaged and can cause damage to the electronic device.

Rent a climate-controlled storage unit

If you are going to be storing your electronics during the winter or summer months, and your area is known for extreme temperatures during either of these periods, then you want to be sure you opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. Otherwise, the heat or extreme cold can cause damage to some of your electronic devices.


7 December 2018

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