Advantages Of Self-Storage Facilities Over Storage Pods


These days, you have more options than ever before when it comes to storage. You can have a storage pod positioned on your own land, and many people are taking this approach. However, self-storage facilities are not obsolete, and they actually still have some advantages over storage pods.

Storage facilities have good security.

Storage pods can be convenient, but they are not the most secure. You will have to pay for and install your own security camera if you want to keep an eye on whoever tries to access the storage pod. Storage facilities, on the other hand, tend to have all of the necessary security right in place. They can have cameras, security guards, and key codes that restrict access. Your items tend to be more secure at a storage facility, rather than in your own backyard.

Storage facilities often offer climate control.

Storage pods are well-sealed, but they are not heated or cooled, and they don't have a dehumidifier inside. As such, you may not want to store vulnerable items like linens and books in there long-term. Storage facilities usually have climate-controlled units where the temperature and humidity levels are kept under closer control. This makes storage facilities a better choice for anything that could be ruined if it gets too hot, too cold, or too moist.

Storage facilities tend to be more affordable than storage pods.

When you rent a storage pod, you have to pay for it to be dropped off and then picked up again. When you rent a storage unit, you're the one that does the driving. As such, renting a storage unit at a storage facility tends to be more affordable than renting a storage pod. With a traditional storage unit, you can save some cash to spend on other things.

Storage facilities don't harm your lawn or interfere with your landscaping.

A storage pod can be convenient, but it can also damage your lawn. It will leave the area where it has been sitting packed down and damaged. You may also have to mow and weed whack around it, which can be tough. When you opt for a storage unit instead, you won't be interrupting your landscape.

Storage facilities still have their advantages over storage pods and are a very good choice for both long and short-term storage. Visit a storage facility near you to see the space in person and learn more about how these businesses operate. Contact a storage unit facility, such as MaxSecure Storage, for more information.


19 October 2020

Acquring A Storage Unit For Your Belongings

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