Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage


If you need to store a large number of items long-term, consider climate-controlled storage. You may think you don't need climate control, but you might be surprised. You could benefit greatly from using a climate-controlled storage facility, especially if you are storing things in a locality with climate extremes. Here is a list of some things you should store in a climate-controlled self-storage facility for a long time.


Moisture and temperature fluctuations affect fabrics like canvas, paper, and paint. Not only do your finished pieces benefit from climate control, so do your supplies. Make sure you also contain your artwork and supplies in proper containers for further protection.

Musical Instrument

Wood and string musical instruments, like pianos, are especially vulnerable to warping and deterioration. Instruments with mouthpieces, like clarinets, could have bacteria around the mouthpieces. Brass instruments can become tarnished quickly in hot, humid conditions, and their rubber and cork pieces may break apart.

Wood and Leather Furniture

Natural materials like wood and leather can rot and fade out if kept in excessively hot and humid conditions. Wood expands and contracts with temperature and humidity. Leather can stretch and expand under the same conditions. You may find your furniture brittle and unusable when you take it out of storage.

Media (CDs, Videotapes, Etc.)

Plastic tapes and film break down over time in uncontrolled conditions. CDs and vinyl records can warp with moisture and heat. All of these items could end up unplayable in the long run.

Important Documents and Photos

Irreplaceable documents and photos must be protected from extreme temperatures. Paper breaks down easily, and ink fades over time. Likewise, photos also fall apart if exposed to too much moisture. In addition to a climate-controlled facility, also use archival-quality storage materials.


The proper aging of wine is extremely important for both taste and value retention. Warm conditions quicken the aging process. You could end up losing your collection if you don't store your wine correctly. If you don't have room for a wine cellar, a climate-controlled storage unit kept at the right temperature might be a good alternative.

You can probably add more items to this list. Anything you are concerned about becoming moldy, warped, or aged too quickly should be kept in controlled conditions. Climate-controlled storage increases the chance your items will last long enough for you to use them again in the distant future. For more information, contact a storage facility.


2 February 2021

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