Why You Should Rent Climate-Controlled Storage When You Sell Clothing Online


You might have an online boutique that you use for selling used or new clothing, or you might sell clothing on auction sites or other websites. No matter where you sell clothing, it's a good idea for you to rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit. If you aren't sure of whether or not this is a business move that you need to make, consider these reasons to contact a storage company that offers climate-controlled storage.

Keep Your Inventory Out of Your House

First of all, if you are like many people who sell clothing online, you might have always just stored your inventory in your home. This might be why you have never thought about renting a storage unit since it might seem more convenient and affordable to just store and work with your inventory in your home. These are a few reasons why you might not want to do this:

  • It helps you maintain a better work-life balance.
  • It helps prevent smoke damage if you smoke in your home.
  • It'll help you avoid problems if you have pets in the house, such as getting pet hair on the inventory or causing problems for customers who might have allergies.
  • It'll help you avoid overstuffing your home with inventory.

Help Prevent Mold

If mold starts growing and spreading in your storage unit, then you have to worry about your clothing becoming damaged or even destroyed. Mold is more prone to be a problem in warm, moist conditions. A climate-controlled storage unit should be kept at room temperature, and it should be properly dehumidified. This helps prevent mold from ever being a problem in the first place, which can save you a lot of money on potentially lost inventory.

Be Comfortable When You're Working

There is a lot of work that goes along with running an online clothing business. You might have to spend quite a bit of time in your storage unit since you will probably need to organize and fold clothing, take pictures, check inventory, and more. If you choose a storage unit that is not climate-controlled, then you might be pretty uncomfortable when you're working in the storage unit. If you choose a climate-controlled storage unit, on the other hand, you should feel pretty comfortable, so you might not mind spending time in the storage unit so that you can get things done.

As you might be able to imagine, all of these things can be beneficial. Luckily, climate-controlled storage units are surprisingly affordable and readily available in many areas, so it should not be a problem to find a unit that is right for your online clothing business.


14 December 2021

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