3 Things You Must Do To Prevent Damage When Your RV Is In Storage


Many people who invest in recreational vehicles only use their RVs during the warmer months of the year. The RVs are then placed in a storage facility for the remaining months.

Storing your RV properly can help extend the life of the vehicle and ensure that your RV remains functional when camping season rolls around again. Improper RV storage could cause serious damage that will be costly to repair.

Here are three things that you must do when storing your RV to prevent any significant damage.

1. Pest-Proof the RV 

Pests can easily infiltrate an RV through small cracks and crevices. If rodents or insects are allowed to take up residence in your RV while you have it in storage, significant damage to the RV's wiring and upholstery can occur.

You should always take the time to pest-proof your RV before putting it in long-term storage.

Inspect the exterior of your RV for cracks, then use a sealer to eliminate these entry points. Place screens over all vent openings and drains to keep pests out.

It can also help to set several traps and spread some mothballs around the interior of your RV to keep pests away while the vehicle is in storage.

2. Ventilate the RV

One of the biggest mistakes that RV owners make is locking their RV up tight before putting the vehicle in storage. All windows should be latched closed and all doors should be locked, but the roof vents should be left open while your RV is being stored.

Open roof vents allow air to circulate throughout the interior of the RV. This type of air ventilation can help prevent any musty odors from assaulting your nose when you take your RV out of storage.

3. Put the RV on Blocks

The quality of the tires on your RV will be a determining factor when it comes to the overall safety of the vehicle. An RV that sits in one spot in a storage facility for a few months could suffer serious tire damage.

The weight of the RV resting on tires that are not rotating regularly can cause the tires to develop blistering and flat spots that make them more susceptible to blowing out while driving down the road.

If you don't want to take your RV for a spin regularly throughout the storage period, place the RV on blocks so the tires don't have to support the weight of the vehicle.


14 July 2022

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