Building A Custom Home? 3 Benefits Of Using Self-Storage


The building process can be a bit overwhelming. Not only will you need to choose a floor plan and different amenities, but you also need to be incredibly patient and understanding. Thankfully, renting a storage unit can be beneficial during the selling of your current home and construction of your custom home. Here are a few benefits of having a self-storage unit during the building process. Storage Space to Help with Staging

9 August 2018

How To Properly Pack Fragile Items For Storage


Self-storage units provide a convenient and easy solution for your storage needs, allowing you to keep your valuables and large pieces of furniture in a secure location while you renovate your existing home, move to a new one, or simply keep things available but out of the way for a later date. However, when placing particularly fragile items in storage, you need to make sure that you take the proper steps to ensure that your items do not become damaged while sitting idle.

2 April 2018

A Metal Carport Could Be A Good Alternative To Building A New Garage


If you wish your home had a garage for protecting your vehicles, but you don't want the expense of building one, a solution to consider is a metal carport. These come in different sizes and go up fast. They offer shade and protection from rain for all your vehicles, and they have an appealing appearance when placed by your house. Here's why a metal carport is worth considering. The Frames Come In All Sizes

4 March 2018

Want To Rent An Outdoor Storage Unit? Consider Details That Allow For Easy Accessibility


When you live in a home and start running out of storage space, you will need to find a solution. Some people may consider it time to move into a larger home, but you may love your house and location. Adding a storage shed may not be an option with your backyard size and setup. Your garage may also be at full capacity and adding anything else might keep your cars from fitting.

5 January 2018

5 Storage Unit Safety Tips To Keep You And Your Stuff Healthy And Happy


When most people think about storing belongings in a storage unit, they generally think about how to get the most stuff in the least amount of space. But it's also important to think about your own safety and how to protect those belongings. To help you make the best—and safest—use of your storage unit, here are 5 safety tips.  Use Solid Bins. Used boxes are easy and cheap, but they may not hold up over time.

29 November 2017

Foster Dogs As A Hobby? 3 Reasons Renting A Storage Unit Can Be A Good Idea


Becoming a foster owner to dogs can be a great way to do something helpful for animals, while also keeping yourself busy. If you've decided to foster dogs in your own home as a hobby, it's likely that you'll be collecting a large amount of pet supplies over the years. This can often lead to your home becoming overrun with pet supplies and lead to frustration over a lack of storage and organization.

15 November 2017

Four Benefits Of Renting An Indoor Boat Storage Facility


If you've on a budget, you may assume storing your boat in your own backyard is the best option. But in fact, paying a few dollars a month for indoor boat storage is usually worthwhile. Here are a couple of advantages of storing your boat inside instead of in your yard or driveway. You won't damage your property. Parking your boat on your lawn for a short period of time may not do any serious damage, but leaving it there all winter long sure can.

7 November 2017

Self Storage Features That Matter For Your Belongings


It can be difficult to figure out which features are relevant. Some people have an inherent desire to put maximum security on even the most basic, undesirable items such as bags of old clothing or old paperwork with no relevant personal information, while others may put their valuable jewelry and electronics in a basic shed because they trust a fence to keep thieves away. Here are a few features that matter when selecting a self storage facility, along with ways to measure their effectiveness.

30 October 2017

Three Tips For Putting An Air Conditioner In Storage


People with window air conditioners wonder if they should put their units in storage for the winter. The answer is yes. Not only can winter weather damage your unit, but your energy bills may increase more than normal because of warm air escaping through the window opening. Here are a few tips for preparing and putting your AC unit in storage so it's ready for use when summer rolls around again.

26 October 2017

Protecting Your Excess Electronics With Mobile Storage


Are you moving to a smaller office, or moving into a smaller home? Do you just need an extra place to store a few important items as you renovate or take inventory? If you don't have basement or attic space, a mobile storage unit can be a great way to get that extra room. Before getting any random mobile storage unit, you need to make sure to take special precautions for sensitive and expensive items, such as electronics or metal devices.

24 October 2017